Meet Our Clinical Team

The staff at Resource Connect see the struggles that accompany substance abuse recovery.  Meet the clinicians who can help:  contact our Admissions department to set up your first appointment.  

We help our clients regain peace, stability, and control in their lives.  Resource Connect’s team are Master’s-level providers, and our safe, compassionate environment is key to helping clients.  Join us to help you do the work to make life better.

For more information about the providers at Resource Connect, please click on their display box .  For information about clinicians with our Resource Group and our behavioral health programs, please click here.  

Dr. Paul Kulpinski, MD

MD - Family Medicine, Addiction Specialization, Family Medicine - Addiction Specialist, Addiction Medication Management

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1018

Elliott Driscoll, LCSW-C

LCSW-C, CEO/Director

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1033

Katie McCabe, LCPC, NCC

LCPC, NCC, Addiction and Mental Health Therapist, Supervisor

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1037

Lisa Salins, LMSW

LMSW, Addictions Therapist

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1052

Marci Saltzman, LCSW-C

LCSW-C, Clinical Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1016

Marie Collins, LCPC

LCPC, Program Director of Substance Abuse Programs

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1011

Mark Whitaker, LGPC

LGPC, Associate Program Director

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1017