Meet Our Clinical Team

Dr. Paul Kulpinski, MD

MD - Family Medicine, Addiction Specialization, Family Medicine - Addiction Specialist, Addiction Medication Management

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1018

Elliott Driscoll, LCSW-C

LCSW-C, CEO/Director

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1033

Katie McCabe, LCPC, NCC

LCPC, NCC, Addiction and Mental Health Therapist, Supervisor

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1037

Lisa Salins, LMSW

LMSW, Addictions Therapist

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1052

Marci Saltzman, LCSW-C

LCSW-C, Clinical Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1016

Marie Collins, LCPC

LCPC, Program Director of Substance Abuse Programs

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1011

Mark Whitaker, LGPC

LGPC, Associate Program Director

Phone: 443-275-7046 x1017