Early Intervention Program and State-approved DWI/DUI education

Resource Connect’s Early Intervention and DWI/DUI education program is specifically for clients with little or no previous chemical dependency education. More generally, it is designed for those who wish to learn more about substance use disorders. Our program is state-approved for DWI/DUI education for those charged with DWI/DUI and/or possession.

The program includes a 12-hour or 26-hour class option. The right class for a client depends on clinical recommendations from the evaluation at intake. The classes are held every Tuesday evening from 6-7pm (60-minute sessions).

To learn more and make an appointment, contact Admissions.


The curriculum covers information on the following subjects:

Week 1: Self-Identification

Review and discuss DSM-V criteria for substance use disorders.

Week 2: The Disease of Substance Use Disorders

Review and discuss disease concepts, causes, definitions, symptoms, and stages. Review self-identification, recovery and treatment options.

Week 3: Neurobiology of Addiction

Review and discuss the neurobiology of chemical dependency.

Week 4: Alcohol, Drugs, and the Body

Review and discuss the medical aspects of substance use. For example, the effects of heavy drinking and drug use on the body.

Week 5: The Scope of the Drinking Driver Problem

Review and discuss the extent of the problem and the seriousness of drinking and driving. Likewise, discuss Maryland Law: current legal and administrative penalties and the use of alcohol in society.

Week 6: Drinking Driver Patterns and Characteristics

Review and discuss BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels and combined effects of alcohol and other drugs (licit and illicit). Also, discussion covering the myths about sobering up or preventing drunkenness.

Week 7: Impairment of Marijuana and Other Drugs

Review and discuss the impact of marijuana and other drugs on the body and brain. Also includes information on judgement, cognition, and long- and short-term effects.

Week 8: Stages of Change

Review and discuss the six stages of change and how they relate to substance abuse. Additionally, discuss the clients’ current stage of change for drinking and driving.

Week 9: Substance Use and the Family

Review and discuss the effects on the family and intervention. Additionally, includes a discussion about what family can do.

Week 10: Co-occurring Disorders

Review and discuss definition of a co-occurring disorder, particularly how mental health diagnoses play a role with substance abuse issues.

 Week 11: Vulnerability Factors for Use

Review and discuss sleep hygiene and H.A.L.T. vulnerabilities, which can lead to further use or abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

Week 12: Treatment Resources/Game/Quiz

Review and discuss further treatment options for someone struggling with addiction, like OP program, inpatient, and self-help groups (A.A., N.A., Nar-anon, Al-anon). Finally, complete comprehensive quiz in reference to Week 1-11 content.

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