Early Intervention Program / State approved DWI/DUI education

Resource Connect’s Early Intervention  program is designed for people with little or no previous chemical dependency education, but who wish to learn more about substance use disorders. The program is state-approved for DWI/DUI education for individuals charged with DWI/DUI and/or possession.


The 90-minute sessions are held weekly for eight weeks and include education and counseling. (Couple and family sessions are also available).

To learn more and make an appointment, contact Admissions.


Week 1:  Self-Identification
Review and discuss DSM-IV-TR criteria for substance abuse and dependence disorders. Group activity deals with self-diagnosis. Pre-Test.

Week 2: Neurobiology of Addictions
Review and discuss the neurobiology of chemical dependency. Group activity deals with how chemical dependency differs from other mental health disorders.

Week 3: The Disease of Substance Abuse Disorder
Review and discuss disease concepts, causes, definitions, symptoms, and stages. Self identification, recovery, and treatment are also discussed.

Week 4: The Scope of the Drinking Driver Problem
Review and discuss the extent of the problem and the seriousness of drinking and driving. Also discuss Maryland Law, current legal and administrative penalties, and the use of alcohol in society.

Week 5: Drinking Driver Patterns and Characteristics
Review and discuss Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels, synergistic effects of alcohol and other drugs (licit and illicit) and myths about sobering up or preventing drunkenness.

Week 6: Alcohol and the Body
What is alcohol? Trace a drink of ethanol through the body. Review and discuss the medical aspects, including the effects of heavy drinking on the body.

Week 7: Substance Abuse and the Family
Review and discuss the effects on the family, intervention, and what families can do.

Week 8: Treatment Resources
Post-test and review. Review and discuss fellowships, public and private outpatient programs, as well as inpatient programs.