Other Services

Resource Connect offers several other services from which our clients can benefit.

Substance Abuse Assessment

Substance use assessments help determine if there is a substance abuse problem.  Our counselors can deliver assessment findings in a letter to third parties: attorneys or judges, spouses, or employers as designated by the client in a release of information.

Toxicology Testing

We verify or support clients’ abstinence by using urine toxicology testing.  Also, certain vocational or legal authorities can require this testing.  We do in-office testing which can be sent to a lab if needed.

If test results are positive, we work with clients to make sure they get the support they need to re-establish abstinence.  Most insurances cover the testing and can be billed.  Additionally, self-pay rates are available.

This service is available to all clients of the The Resource Group Counseling and Education Center, Inc., even those not in a Resource Connect Program.

Family Program

We believe family involvement leads to the best outcomes for clients.  Thus, family members participate in private and group sessions— generally without the identified client being present.  Doing so helps the family gain knowledge about addiction.  Family members learn skills and new behaviors to help them support their loved one’s recovery.

We know that our clients’ families need their own recovery, too.  So, we offer consultations with our staff, ensuring the families we work with get the support they need.

Mental Health Services

If clients need specific mental health support, our Resource Group mental health program has a variety of clinicians.  We also have options for medically treating mental health disorders in most clients.  Our therapists’ skills cover a wide variety of counseling methods.  Having such a broad group of providers makes sure all our clients get the help they need.

You can learn more at the Resource Group’s website.

HAVE QUESTIONS? CONTACT ADMISSIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION To discuss how we can help you and your loved ones, schedule an assessment, inquire about testing, or learn more about these services, contact Admissions.